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                    ROAD UNDER FOOT, DREAM AHEAD

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                    The foundation stone for Suzhou 3N’s reconstruction and expansion project of 40,000 tons metal packaging coating was laid in the golden autumn of October. At this moment, twenty-three years of accumulation and continuous struggle have turned into new hopes and dreams which sprouting in every inch of the new factory land and bearing in the minds of every 3N people.

                    Every brilliant future has a successful start, every successful start from a right choice. Absorption makes profession; Standardization brings excellence; We are low Key and pragmatic, so we advance step by step, and as our feet are on the ground, we aim high, looking forward to a better future.

                    "Long, Long had been my road and far, far was the journey; I would go up and down to seek my heart's desire.; The way stretches endless ahead, I shall search heaven and earth. " On the journey to realize our good wishes, every 3N people will not forget the original intention, make persistent efforts, and create brilliant!

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